First time fictional crushes

Drawing upon this hilariously genius thread from nkf, here are some of your favourite first-time fictional loves.


Adam from The Boy in the Bubble by Ian Strachan

'Lovely no-immune-system-Adam from The Boy in the Bubble by Ian Strachan. He was all handsome and, quite literally, untouchable.' ElephantsAndMiasmas




The Bronte Boys - Rochester and Heathcliff

'Mr Rochester or heathcliffe -so much more brooding and interesting than mr darcy. Says a lot about my taste in men when I was in my early 20's.' Mama1980 

'Heathcliff for me, it was all the soaring PASSION! I skipped over the fact that he was mental at the time.' dingdong05

'Heathcliff will be in my heart forever.' MissM

'Definitely Mr Rochester when I was a teenager, though now I find him absurd and creepy.' Ephiny 



'Heathcliff, oh i wanted to be his Kathy so much, I was about 11' jumpingbeans

'The dark, brooding, passionate side of Heathcliffe is appealing but I changed my mind about him in the second half of the novel when he strangles his wife's dog.' KingRolo


Fairly odd choices

'Dracula... maybe a little bit' LunarRose

'Aslan.... I think love him more now he's got that lovely voice in the film' troutpout 


Julian from The Famous 5 

'My first fictional crush was Julian - still got a bit of a "thing" for him I must admit! Although I am convinced he was actually more like 36 than the 14 or 15 or whatever he was supposed to be

The boy has always got:

- pockets full of money for buying ginger beer and high tea (the idea of high tea appeals so much to the glutton in me);
- a spare jersey to put around Anne's shoulders when she gets cold or frightened
- a spare piece of rope
- a piece of paper and a pencil

What else could a girl ask for?!!.'  Janeite

'Probably Julian from Famous Five. He was'


 ‘Enid Blyton's Julian is the most fancied man in literature. That is unexpected.’  Alurkatsoftplay



Gilbert Blythe

green gables

'Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green gables. still have (mainly clean) fantasies about him...'33goingon64


'I saw this thread title and immediately thought "Gilbert Blythe" - and I see so does everyone else! I think I still love him too.' smugaboo  


Adrian Mole


I had a bit of a thing about Adrian Mole too - the bits when he tried to touch Pandora's boobs used to do it for me. IamtheSnorkMaiden

Have just remembered another strange one of mine - Adrian Mole DumSpiroSpero


Harry Potter

When dd1 was six she got up one morning saying that she had been dreaming that Harry Potter kissed her and that she wanted to dream it again! janeite



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