Book of the Month: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

everyone brave is forgiven paperback cover chris cleave

Our March Book of the Month is an extraordinary tale from the multi-award-winning author Chris Cleave. Everyone Brave is Forgiven is based on the experiences of his own grandfather who was stationed in Malta during the second World War. It’s a fascinating historical novel, and a powerful love story.

When war is declared in 1945, Mary North goes straight to the War Office, determined to sign up. Instead, she is made a teacher at one of the only surviving inner London schools. Most children have been evacuated, leaving behind only those who are least wanted and most vulnerable, and Mary soon realises she has her own battle on her hands as she strives to defy deep-rooted prejudices to protect them.

At the same time, she finds herself embroiled in a confusing and passionate love triangle with her two closest friends, Tom and Alistair, who are both struggling with their own internal conflicts when faced with the decisions brought upon them by war.

Everyone brave is indeed forgiven – but the bravery depicted in this novel is not just on the battlefields of Malta and during the London Blitz. It's also shown by the impulse to break down social prejudice; both racism and class snobbery.

Chris Cleave said in an interview about this book, “I think there are two wars we have to win. One of them is against the enemy, yes, but the other is against the tendency of our own society to divide, to polarise, and to fracture.” Everyone Brave is Forgiven explores both of those wars in a deep yet beautiful way.

About the author

chris cleave

Chris Cleave is the author of Everyone Brave is Forgiven, Gold Incendiary, and the number one New York Times bestseller, Little Bee. He lives with his wife and three children in London, England.

Visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @ChrisCleave.


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