The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch


Christmas comes but once a year. A Donna Tartt novel comes but once a decade. Goldfinch, the new book from the author of cult bestseller The Secret History, is an epic, adventurous, magical Great American novel.

The main character is Theo, a young boy who loses his beloved mother when a bomb explodes in the art gallery they have popped into. Theo takes a Dutch masterpiece, a painting of a goldfinch, that acts as a talisman for the rest of his life, and draws him into a complex web of both gilded society and the criminal underworld.

The pleasure in such excellent writing is all in the detail: it may be 800 pages, but the small scenes and characterisations are exquisite. It is like a modern Dickensian world, full of imagination and energy.


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