Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

doctor sleep 


Stephen King’s 1977 novel The Shining wrapped up with the main character dead and the principal location in flames, although this bright happy ending has been no bar to a sequel.

Doctor Sleep, set 35 years later, picks up the thread of the now adult Danny Torrance, who sees ghosts and drinks spirits; a tumbledown drunk like his dad was before him. Redemption comes courtesy of a job in a hospice and, eventually, an apocalyptic showdown with a cult of child-killing vampires who roll from haunt to haunt inside expensive motorhomes. Doctor Sleep lacks the hard, clean trajectory of the tale that inspired it. But King’s extrapolation is still rich and satisfying, with a mordant take on the undead properties of a blue-rinsed America. They hide in plain sight and always clog up the freeway.




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