This Moose Belongs to Me


The Moose Belongs to MeOur September 2012 children's picture book of the month is This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers. 

Every new Oliver Jeffers' title is a publishing event and This Moose Belongs to Me is no exception.
Visually stunning, exquisitely illustrated, witty and thought-provoking, this new picture book explores the concept of ownership and friendship.
It's the story of young Wilfred who thinks he owns a moose called Marcel, and follows him around reading aloud the rules of How to Be a Good Pet. Marcel is excellent at some of them, such as "not making too much noise as Wilfred listens to his record collection" and "knocking down things that are out of Wilfred's reach".
But is Marcel really Wilfred's pet?
A gorgeous and intelligent lesson in ownership and sharing... As always, Oliver Jeffers's illustrations inspire and delight. They'll make the perfect present for any child (and adult).


Q&A with Oliver Jeffers

We're inviting you to send in questions for Oliver Jeffers before the end of Monday 17 September.

We'll select 10 questions and send them over to him to answer and then link to his answers from the Q&A thread. If your question is answered, you will receive Oliver Jeffers' complete catalogue of books.


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About the author

Oliver JeffersOliver Jeffers was born in Australia in 1977 and raised in Belfast.

In 1995 he came runner-up in The Irish News amateur art competition and from there began to build a reputation as a contemporary artist staging several small exhibitions in Belfast. He also began illustrating book jackets for local publishing houses.

During a university gap year, Oliver travelled across America and Australia, settling in Sydney to work in freelance illustration and painting. He returned from his travels in 2000 to finish his degree at the University of Ulster. Four years later his debut picture book, How to Catch a Star was shortlisted for the Booktrust Early Years Award for Best New Illustrator.

After the success of How to Catch a Star, Oliver produced the beautiful follow-up, Lost and Found, which won the Gold Award Nestlé Children's Book Prize in 2005. 

Find out more about Oliver Jeffers here.


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