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The ultimate bookshelf for three-year-olds

Bored of the board books and looking for some inspiring material for your three-year-old? Check out these wonderful recommendations from Mumsnetters and restock your shelves

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Horton Hears a Who! - Dr Seuss

Mumsnetters say: "It is my favourite Dr Seuss book and very quickly became one of my daughter's favourites too. The story is lovely - Horton the elephant has large ears, so he can hear the tiny Whos on their speck of dust, but none of the other jungle animals believe him."

"A heart-warming story about little people making their voices heard, and showing that even the tiniest person can make a big difference."

You Choose - Nick Sharatt & Pippa Goodhart

Mumsnetters say: "It works so well. Normally we all choose our own adventure to go on, although sometimes we go together. The children never tire of choosing what to wear, what to eat and which bed to sleep in. Every time you look there is something you haven't noticed before. Great book, especially if you get tired of reading the same stories every night."

"This is a kids' classic - and if it doesn't reach iconic status in the near future, I will be very surprised. Its endless possibilities and interaction between reader and child are fantastic. We rate this 10/10 in our household!"

Dogger  - Shirley Hughes

Mumsnetters say: "A lovely book with so many lessons for little ones. Dave is so upset when he loses Dogger - something all children can relate to as they all have their favourite toys! My daughter really enjoys this book - we love cuddling up together and reading it quietly."

"This is for any child who has ever lost a favourite toy. My daughter knows all the words to this story, but never tires of hearing it read to her at bedtime."

Pumpkin Soup - Helen Cooper

Mumsnetters say: "It had my small girl enthralled and acting it all out with a couple of mates, desperate to show her teacher the story. No strain for Mum to read again and again."

"Gorgeous illustrations to get lost in, full of tiny details, jokes and conversations."

"Just love this series of books. Great animal characters, brilliant themes around living together, cooking and friendship and wonderfully illustrated to boot."

The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book - Alastair Smith

Mumsnetters say: "This book is a really easy way to approach the first questions such as "How are babies made?", "Why doesn't my sister have a willy?", "Why do I have to eat vegetables?" and "Why does my friend wear glasses?" etc etc."

"My daughter loves this book as it is very easy to understand the illustrations and has large flaps to lift to "see inside" your body."

Lost and Found - Oliver Jeffers

Mumsnetters say: "This is a brilliant book that my son and I have enjoyed time and again - it's such a lovely story with a touch of humour and fantastic pictures."

"Totally adore this book. In fact, we love all of Oliver Jeffers' books in this house. Illustrations are beautiful and the story is simple but emotive. It's a real bedtime favourite."

"Beautiful illustrations and a really heart-warming story. My daughter loves the little penguin. It's a great book for introducing the idea of loneliness to young children, and how important friends are."

Little Red Train - Benedict Blathwayt 

Mumsnetters say: "My son has four or five of the Little Red Train books and never tires of them. They are beautifully illustrated too and he enjoys discussing the pictures as much as listening to the stories. Also makes a welcome change from Thomas (for me anyway!)."

"The illustrations are absolutely wonderful. There is so much going on in each picture. As well as the lovely story to read we always spend ages looking at each picture and talking about all the things we can see. Every time we read it we find something new to look at."

"These books are so much more than your usual picture book. The detail in the pictures results in even more stories being imagined and invented."

Mog the Forgetful Cat - Judith Kerr 

Mumsnetters say: "I only discovered Mog with my daughter and it's wonderful. Delightful illustrations (which have now acquired a retro cachet!) and wonderfully simple text. I also love that even the burglar gets a cup of tea!"

"The Mog books have been huge successes in this house. We've laughed so much over the expressions on Mog's face."

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs- Ian Whybrow & Adrian Reynolds

Mumsnetters say: "My daughter loves Harry (seriously, last night she had to give Harry a kiss before going to bed). What's not to like? Harry and the dinosaurs get into great little adventures and she enjoys the lovely drawings."

"Lovely gentle books. I like the fact that all the correct dinosaur names are used and it's so funny to hear my little girl trying to say them too! A very sweet story and one all toddlers and children can relate to - they know how important it is to look after their own special things and how they'd feel if they lost them. Lovely illustrations too."

Owl Babies - Martin Waddell

Mumsnetters say: "My daughter loves this book - it's her favourite at the moment. The characters have 'ordinary' names: Sarah, Percy and Bill, and it's got that bit of repetition in the last line of the page that little ones love."

"My three-year-old loves this book. She has the version with the DVD, which is lovely. She likes it read with different voices for each owl baby."

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Last updated: 2 months ago