I Need A Wee by Sue Hendra


i_need_a_weeAlan the bear has a problem. He needs a wee! But there are so many things he would rather do first. Will he make it to the loo on time? And when he gets there, will there be a queue?! Uh-oh...

Find out if Alan manages to make it to the toilet on time in I Need A Wee, the fabulous new picture book from Sue Hendra, best-selling author of Barry the Fish with Fingers, Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell and No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom.

With its laugh-out-loud writing, bright artwork, and easily recognisable situation for every toddler (and parent!), both children and adults alike are sure to fall in love with this hilarious new addition to Sue Hendra's wonderfully wacky picture book list.


Praise for Sue Hendra

"Lively illustrations, simple words and a cheeky storyline to make this great fun." Mother & Baby

"Three cheers for Sue Hendra, and her endlessly inventive heroes." Daily Mail

"Hendra knows how to tickle funny bones." The Bookseller



About the author

Sue Hendra graduated from the University of Brighton in 1994 and has been an illustrator of children's books since. She has worked on over 80 titles, including the fabulously funny Barry the Fish with Fingers, Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell, NoBot the Robot with No Bottom, Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat and Supertato. Sue works alongside her partner Paul Linnet to create her books. They live in Brighton with their daughter. Check out Sue's website, The Wonderdul World Of Sue Hendra.



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