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New books for Christmas: our favourites for teens

This Christmas, find a book that your teen will love, and maybe one for you too...

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Tales of renegades and rulebreakers

November Criminals 

November Criminals by Sam Munson

Addison Schacht (yes, that's his actual name) applies to university by divulging his best and worst qualities in an essay. That's just the beginning of a series of triumphs, tragedies, blessings and curses - all with best friend (NOT girlfriend) Digger by his side. This love story- meets-mystery hits the big screen in 2016.

These Shallow Graves

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

A gripping historical whodunnit, with a gutsy female protagonist that teens will love. New York heiress Josephine Montfort refuses to believe that the death of her father was an accident. With the help of a young journalist, she secretly begins to investigate, only to discover that the truth is far more complex than she imagined.

Jackdaw and the Randoms

Jackdaw and the Randoms by Stuart David

Fifteen year old Jack, aka 'The Jackdaw', is determined to be extraordinary, the very opposite of his oh-so-dull parents who want him to follow in their footsteps. Jack's new idea for an app could be his ticket to greatness, if he can only pull in enough favours to make it happen...  

Page-turning fantasies


Darkthaw by Kate A. Boorman

The thaw has arrived, winter is almost over and it's time for Emmeline to leave the sheltered settlement she's lived in since she was born. Freedom is enticing, but soon she faces dangers and decisions she never knew she'd have to make. The second in the heart-in-mouth Winterkill trilogy, with the final installment coming out next year.


Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson

A chilling and dark fantasy about a girl whose ability to walk in dreams and friendship with newbie Connor leads her to break the rules she's always followed and ask the questions to which she's always feared the answers. Robert L. Anderson's imaginative new world will fully engross its readers.

Beautiful books

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

One of three new editions of the Bronte sisters' literary works, this beautiful little book will delight lovers of Cathy and Heathcliff. It's also the perfect introduction to teen readers who have yet to discover the rugged romance of this classic love story.

Make Life Beautiful

Make Life Beautiful by Camilla Morton

Having solicited a foreword by Diane von Furstenberg and contributions from the great and the good of the fashion world, author and journalist Camilla Morton proves she has an impressive Little Black book. In Make Life Beautiful she brings together over 40 ideas to inspire teens (and adults) to get creative, including a customized jumper from Bella Freud and shoe biscuits from Malono Blahnik.

From the Vloggers

Username Evie

Username: Evie by Joe Sugg

From the YouTube sensation and younger brother of Zoella, Joe Sugg, comes this brilliant debut graphic novel. Evie is a misfit at school who's trying to hold it all together for her dying father. Little does she know that her father's been working to create a virtual world for her to be whoever she wants to be after he's gone.

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Phil and Dan

YouTube vlogging sensations Dan Howell and Phil Lester have a following of over 8 million. In their debut book, fans will be invited to take a closer look into their life with behind-the-scenes photos of their lives. The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire includes their mums' take on their births, a look back at (cringe!) teen diary entries and a hilarious tale of 'that time we met One Direction'.

Looking for more? Try these recommendations from Autumn 2015

For teen activists 

My Name's Not Friday by Jon Walters

When he's sold into slavery, Samuel loses his freedom and his name. Determined to be reunited with his brother, when the Civil War comes to his doorstep he takes his chance to escape, but must traverse dangerous territory to find his family again. 

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick

In this new edition for teens, Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai shares her inspirational story. Read it before the documentary, He Named Me Malala, comes to cinemas later this year.

For heroes and anti-heroes


The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Set against a background of zombie-fighting indie kids, Patrick Ness' powerful and subversive novel tells the story of Mikey: not the Chosen One, but a regular kid trying to get on with his life, win over a girl and graduate before the school blows up. 

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

The latest instalment of Bardugo's Grisha adventures centres on Kaz Brekker, a teenaged master thief who needs the help of six outcasts to pull off a heist that might just mean the world's last chance of survival. Fans and newbies alike will be swept up by this gripping quest.

For those in search of a page-turner

Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe

The withdrawal of miracle drug Concentr8 sparks riots across London. As a journalist investigates and politicians scramble to safeguard their reputations, five teenagers find themselves at the centre of the chaos.

All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzie

Evie's search for the truth about her mother leads her to a remote and haunted Scottish island. Sophie McKenzie's latest novel races from start to finish at breakneck pace. Your teenager (or you!) may well find it impossible to put down. 

For those in search of a challenge

Asking For It by Louise O'Neill

If you can't remember it, does what happened really matter? Things get out of hand at a party and Emma is caught up in a scandal that goes viral. A hard-hitting read for older teens which raises serious questions about beauty, sex and social media.

Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

In Valentine's first book in five years, themes of fire, art and greed weave their way through the story of Iris, a teenager with pyromaniac tendencies who must navigate her dying father, her challenging mother, and the loss of her best friend. 

For codecrackers and mystery solvers

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

A young apprentice finds himself irreversibly caught up in his master's dangerous secret project. His only option is to solve the clues left behind for him, and run. Fast-paced and cryptic, perfect for fans of logic puzzles and mysteries.

Sophie Someone by Hayley Long

Sophie has just discovered a secret that changes everything she's ever known about herself and her family. Shaken and confused but ultimately hopeful, she creates a new language to tell her story. This is a book about uncertainty, growing up, and how things are usually okay in the end.



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