The best maths books for kids

There's beauty in numbers - you just need to know where to look. Help your kids discover that maths is fun with these five excellent activity books 

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This is Not a Maths Book - Anna Weltman

Age: 7+

This book seamlessly combines art and maths through a series of activities which call for both creativity and calculation. If your kids think maths is boring, this will convince them otherwise. 

Maths Quest: The Museum of Mysteries - David Glover

Age: 8+

In this fab adventure book, children have to decide their own fate by answering mathematical 'mysteries'. With the right answers, they will advance their quest to save the Golden Hoard of treasure. A Mumsnet favourite. See also: The Cavern of Clues, and The Planet of Puzzles.

The Multiplication Tables Colouring Book - Hilary McElderry

Age: 6+

It might look retro but this book features a sneaky trick that'll teach your child their times tables while they colour. All the pictures hide a shape that can be revealed by colouring in the multiples of a certain number. See also: The Second Multiplication Tables Colouring Book

Maths on the Go! 101 Fun Ways to Play with Maths - Rob Eastaway & Mike Askew

Age: 4-14

Hugely popular with Mumsnetters after we gave them a sneak preview when it came out, Maths on the Go! is stuffed full of games, hacks and tips that prove that maths can be fun. See also: Maths for Mums and Dads and More Maths for Mums and Dads

Brain Games for Clever Kids - Gareth Moore and Chris Dickason

Age: 8+

Not strictly a maths book, but this puzzle book will get your child solving number, word, memory and code problems. It also includes a hefty number of Japanese number puzzles like sudoku, kakuro, and futoshiki.

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