9 reasons to love the Mr Gum books

It's 10 years since Andy Stanton wrote the first Mr Gum story - here's why Mumsnetters think they're ace. Remember: the truth is a lemon meringue!

Do your kids love the Mr Gum books? Then don't miss the opportunity to take a laugh-out-loud journey through Andy Stanton's imagination at Bookfest on 25 June!

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1. They're brilliantly bonkers

"Oh I love the brilliant randomness... 'The ancient carpet was the colour of unhappiness', 'Mr Gum... shot out of bed faster than a guilty onion'."

2. ... but also, remarkably sophisticated (well, you know)

"I once read a review which described Mr Gum as Monty Python for seven-year-olds. I reckon that's about right!"

3. They've got universal appeal

"My son took a Mr Gum book into school and they ended up reading it as their class book - the teacher said she had never seen them all laugh so much."

4. ... and adults genuinely love them 


"My partner and I 'argue' about who is going to read it to the children."

5. They're not gender-specific

"They are sheer genius and we love them! Amazingly we were given the books first by my very Victorian aunt... Happily it moved my daughter on from her princess phase into a reading anything stage!"

6. They're somewhat undervalued

"Am I being unreasonable to be outraged that Andy Stanton hasn't been given a Booker yet?"

7. They're endlessly quotable

"The catchphrase used in our house when someone is behaving badly: 'He's been driven wild by the cold winter wind and too much sugar.'"

8. They're a useful cultural reference point

"My sister's goldfish is called Alan Taylor, in homage to the gingerbread man."

9. Their author, Andy Stanton, is just as hilarious in person

"If you get the chance to see Andy Stanton live at a book presentation, just drop everything and go."

And you're in luck... Andy Stanton will be joining us at Mumsnet Bookfest on 25 June to bring the Mr Gum stories to life - you won't want to miss it!

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