7 lesser-known Roald Dahl books your child must read

There's no doubt that Roald Dahl is essential reading for children, but even the best of us can get tired of re-reading Matilda. Time to try these seven lesser-known Dahl books that are still utterly brilliant 

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1. The Magic Finger

"This is Roald Dahl at his best. Perfect for kids who are growing out of picture books - a good length with very funny characters." 

"This is the first book my son read alone from cover to cover, so a bit of a milestone in our house." 

2. The Minpins

"Oh my God, the Minpins! My four-year-old loves being scared silly by it. I have to read and re-read her favourite parts."

"I started reading Roald Dahl to my daughter when she was four. The first book we read was The Minpins. She loved it and we went on to read all his other books. Roald Dahl's a genius!"

3. Esio Trot

"I had completely forgotten how amusing Esio Trot is until my daughter started reading it." 

"Esio Trot is fabulous, isn't it? We have the audiobook and I put it on for a long journey - I was just waiting for the nasty twist... and there wasn't one!"

4. Boy: Tales of Childhood

"Boy is Roald Dahl's autobiography. If your kids love his books, this is a great way for them to get an insight into his life and learn how he came up with some of his fantastic stories."

"Boy is my favourite biography of all time. Okay, so it's a kids' book - but it's fabulous."

5. Going Solo 

"Going Solo tells the story of Roald Dahl's early adult life in Africa working for the Shell Oil Company and then narrates his thrilling war-time adventures. My son loved the combination of real-life adventure, quirkiness and excitement."

"Probably better suited to slightly older children (and adults). We particularly loved the first section about his life in Africa as a young man, the scrapes he got into and the eccentric characters he encountered. "

"Once you read this story, you suddenly look at all other Roald Dahl books in a slightly different way. He really was a remarkable man, and not just for his writing!"

6. The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

This quirky tale is small in size but big on humour. Written in aid of the Dyslexia Trust, it tells the story of a vicar who is diagnosed with a very rare case of back-to-front dyslexia, resulting in hilarious consequences.

7. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More

"I have a vivid memory of sitting in an orange chair at primary school reading The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. It totally blew me away. Fabulous." 

"I read 'The Hitchhiker' to my reluctant Year 9 class yesterday, and their reaction was 'That's a well cool story!' (It does include pickpocketing and a bit of smoking - oh, and breaking the speed limit - but I figure that's tame these days!) It was in the compilation, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, which I loved when I was younger. A bit of retro cool, maybe?"

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