Up For The Cup

Up_For_The_CupCharlie and his dad are utter football fans for their team Seaburn City. So when their star player Julio Poom has his pre-match good luck ritual (featuring alphabet spaghetti) sabotaged just before the cup final, they're determined to put things right. Luckily, a vintage tin of alphabet spaghetti and quick thinking on the part of Charlie save the day.

Simon Bartram's illustrations capture the essense of football characters perfectly in this genius book for young football fans - as listed in our round-up of the best football books for kids.  


We're giving away 50 copies of Up For The Cup. If you receive a copy of the book, we do expect you to post a review or join in the discussion on the thread. We would also love to hear your thoughts on Twitter, tweet us @Mumsnetbookclub with the hashtag #UpForTheCup.

This giveaway closes 10am, Tuesday 10 June, so apply now.


Simon_BartramAbout the author

Simon Bartram studied Graphic Design, specialising in illustration, at Birmingham Polytechnic and has gone on to write and illustrate a number of picture books, including Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob). He has also written and illustrated a series of young fiction books about Bob, which have been nominated for a number of prizes. He lives near Newcastle and is a massive football fan.

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