The Pointless Leopard: What Good Are Kids Anyway?

the_pointless_leopard"I don't like the country, it's ugly, it's green and it's boring."

Leonard likes to walk on benches, go to the cinema and run after the pigeons. In the country there is nothing to do, except admire. It's the same as being bored, but with your eyes wide open.

But one day Leonard comes across a cow, a chicken and a sheep (called Sheep) on one of his woodland walks. Together they discuss can-openers, pasta necklaces, genetically modified chicken, Leonards, leopards and one vitally important question: what exactly are children for?
In this witty tale of insistent parents and talking animals, grumpy city-child Leonard questions his purpose.
The Pointless Leopard is a charming tale for all ages, about the parts we play in the lives of others.
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About the author

colas_gutmanColas Gutman's parents were writers, and for a long time he was convinced that it was the worst profession in the world... Until one day the joy of writing grabbed him. And it hasn't let him go since. He is still a big kid, and writes his books in exactly the same way he used to do his homework when he was younger - lying on his bed, using a comic book as his desk.


About the illustrator

pointless_leoparddelphine_perretAn author and illustrator, Delphine Perret has already published a dozen children's books of her own, as well as illustrating many others. Playing on words, sounds, senses and the unsaid, she teases the imagination of the reader with her pencil strokes, and draws them happily into a strange and very funny universe all her own.



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