The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak

book_with_no_picturesThe Book With No Pictures by award-winning US actor and comedian B.J. Novak is the most talked about (non) picture book in recent years. 

This innovative and wildly funny read-aloud picture book will be the MUST-HAVE of the season, transforming any reader into a comedian, and introducing young children to the powerful idea that the written word can be an unending source of mischief & delight

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except… here’s how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say…


Cleverly irreverent and irresistibly silly, The Book with No Pictures is one that kids will beg to hear again and again. (And parents will be happy to oblige!).

THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES demands a shared reading experience, in which an adult is compelled to read the text aloud, no matter how "COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS" it is. Available from 4th December, just in time to bring joy and laughter to households this Christmas.

“This books gives parents an easy way to be funny for their kids.”
B.J. Novak

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About BJ Novak

bj_novakB.J. Novak is best known as an actor, writer and producer of “The Office” in the US. He has also appeared in many films, including Knocked Up, Inglorious Bastards and Saving Mr Banks.




Watch BJ Novak read from his title The Book With No Pictures, introducing young children to the power of the written word:








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