Maisie Mae: No Boys Allowed

Maisie Mae: No Boys AllowedMove over, Horrid Henry – Maisie Mae is in town!

In an exciting series launch for age six and over, Maisie Mae is here to stay.

Young readers can join eight-year-old Maisie as she holds her own in a boisterous family where practical jokes are the order of the day. The only girl of six siblings, she's certainly not above a prank - especially when it comes to twins Harry and Ollie, who she has to share a room with.

When Maisie's dad inherits some money from a great-uncle everyone had forgotten about, he has brilliant news. They're going to convert the attic into a new bedroom. Maisie and her brothers immediately start arguing over who will get it. Mum and Dad silence them - whoever behaves best in the next few weeks will get the room. Of course, Maisie Mae and her brothers launch into full-on warfare to make each other look as bad as they can.

Will Maisie get a no boy zone of her very own? Or will everything end in disaster?


More Maisie Mae

Maisie Mae swiftly returns for two more tales in 2014 – taking part in a special summer wedding in Maisie Mae: Bad Luck Bridesmaid (June) and heading off on a family holiday in France in Maisie Mae: Camping is not very Ooh La La! (August).  

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About the author 

Poppy Harper knows a thing or two about brothers. About sisters, too, for that matter! Her big, unruly family provided endless inspiration for Maisie Mae - though she's glad to say that none of her siblings ever put worms in her lunchbox. Packed full of fun drawings by Clare Elsom, these books are perfect for engaging young readers, especially those who are starting to read chapter books for the first time.

Listen to an extract from Maisie Mae

No Boys Allowed is packed full of brilliant illustrations but we love the audiobook just as much – it really brings the characters to life. Listen to an extract here.


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