Knightley & Son: January giveaway

knightley_and_sonSolving crime is a family business...

Darkus Knightley is a perfectly ordinary 13 year old, apart from the name, his brainpower, his fondness for tweed, and the top secret files hidden upstairs. But when a stranger from the Department of the Unexplained arrives with news of his father, ordinary is over for good...

Alan Knightley was London's top private detective until he went into a coma four years ago. Now he's woken up to discover his son has inherited the family talent - and their services are urgently needed.

Is a bestselling book making people do terrible things? Could it be linked to a shadowy organisation known as the Combination? It's clear to Darkus that two mega-brained investigators of the weird are definitely better than one. And it doesn't get weirder than this.

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Rohan Gavin on writing Knightley & Son

rohan_gavin"This book was inspired by many of the things that excited me as a child and still excite me now. I wanted to try and combine some of the genres I loved (suspense, fantasy, comedy) into one story.

"It probably started with my love of Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World, which for me is still the most heartwarming father-son relationship I've ever read. I particularly liked the idea of the fantasies we create around our parents when we're young - and in Knightley & Son, Darkus's fantasy of his father actually turns out to be real.

"Everyone has complicated relationships with their parents, who can be both incredibly inspiring and incredibly frustrating at the same time, so I thought this could be an interesting basis for a series. I then immersed myself in detective fiction, as I knew quite quickly that the glue that would hold the book together was that both father and son were detectives - the irony of the story being that young Darkus, having read his father's journals, is now a better detective than his father, which means they're suddenly dependent on each other and closer than they've ever been before."

If you receive a copy of Knightley & Son, we do expect you to post a review or join in the discussion on the thread.

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