No-Bot, the Robot with no Bottom

Our January children's picture book of the month is No-Bot, the Robot with no Bottom by Sue Hendra.

In this brand new story, Bernard the robot has an unusual problem – he loses his bottom on the park swing, and sets off to find it. Every time he gets close, it disappears again! Bird was using it as a nest, but it was too heavy; Bear used it in his drum kit, but it was too tinny; the Squirrels built sandcastles with it... and now it looks as if they're sailing away in it. Will Bernard ever get his bottom back?

Parents and toddlers will love sharing this hilarious, boldly illustrated story, and fans of Barry, Norman and Keith will absolutely adore this new wonderfully eccentric new character.

The Author

Sue lives in Brighton with her partner and young daughter. She's an ambassador for Starlight Storytellers, a project Simon & Schuster Publishers set up with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, to arrange author visits and activity sessions in hospitals for sick children.

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