Non-fiction book of the month: September

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In this intimate observation of English women's lives, Wendy Jones sets out to find out what women really think about sex - what turns them on, what turns them off and how sex fits into their everyday lives. She interviews 24 women from all walks of life including a student, a nun, a Muslim teenager and a 70-year-old feminist, asking them to open up and reveal their real thoughts, feelings and fantasies about sex. The result is a fascinating and insightful collection of real stories which is at times shocking, sad, and funny, but always entertaining. 

Note from the author:

"Dear Mumsnet,

I want to write and say thank you so much for choosing my book, The Sex Lives of English Women, as your non-fiction book of the month. It is such an honour and I appreciate the publicity and the chance to talk to other women about the book. I'm a mum and on Mumsnet and the community of other mothers and women is so important to me. 

I wrote the book in the hope that it would help me and other women to have more healing and joy and information around sex, and to normalise women's sexuality by letting real women speak. I thought the power and the healing in women's sexuality lay with real women talking about their experience, history, fantasies, pain and desire. 

Thank you once again,



What the critics said:

"We are bombarded with commercialised images of what women's sexuality is about. This book shows us what it is really about. Wendy Jones' gift is that she can really listen to what people tell her, pick out what's important without distorting their distinct voices" - Philippa Perry

"A compelling and thought-provoking collection ... it's brave, honest and full of things you'll relate to" - Elle

"Fascinating and thought-provoking" - Grayson Perry

About the author: 

Wendy Jones is a graduate of the University of East Anglia and has a PhD from Goldsmiths in creative writing. She has published two novels and is the author of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, a biography of Grayson Perry. She lives in London.

Book giveaway:

We have 50 copies of The Sex Lives of English Women to give away to Mumsnetters. To apply for your copy, fill in the form below. It would be great to hear your thoughts about the book on the discussion thread where you can also leave questions for Wendy. We'll post up her answers next month.

This giveaway ends on Monday 12 September.

You don't have to win a copy to take part in the discussion - everyone is welcome to come and talk about the book.  If you're not lucky enough to bag one, you can always buy a copy here.

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