Non-fiction book of the month: The Actual One by Isy Suttie

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Our non-fiction book of the month for May is The Actual One - a hilarious account of twenty-something fecklessness by Peep Show and Shameless star Isy Suttie. 

Praise for The Actual One:

"Isy Suttie turns the painful process of growing up into something laugh-out-loud funny, and for that I could kiss her" – Bryony Gordon, author of The Wrong Knickers

"A cross between Lena Dunham and Victoria Wood" – The Sunday Times

About the book:

Isy woke up one day in her late twenties to discover that the invisible deal she'd done with her best mates - that they'd prolong growing up for as long as possible - had all been in her head. 

Everyone around her is suddenly into mortgages, farmers' markets and nappies, rather than the idea of running naked into the sea or getting hammered in Plymouth with eighty-year-old men. When her dearest friend advises her that the next guy Isy meets will be The Actual One, Isy decides to keep delaying the onset of adulthood - until a bet with her mother results in a mad scramble to find a boyfriend within a month.

From papier-mâché penguins to being stranded on a dual carriageway in nothing but a fur coat and trainers, The Actual One is an ode and also a handbook to the confusing wilderness of your late twenties, alongside a quest for a genuinely good relationship with a man who doesn't use moisturiser.

Listen to a clip of Isy reading an extract

About the author:

Isy Suttie is a comedian, actress and writer who started performing stand up in 2002. She has written for The Guardian, The Observer, Red and Glamour, and is a regular writer and performer on BBC Radio 4, where her show Pearl and Dave won a Gold Sony Award in 2013. This led to two series of her musical story show set in Matlock, Isy Suttie’s Love Letters. Her TV acting credits include Dobby in Peep Show and Esther in Shameless, and she has been nominated for three British Comedy Awards. You can find her on Twitter @isysuttie, visit her website and listen to her sing from The Actual One.

Q&A with Isy:

As our non-fiction book of the month, Isy will be answering questions about herself and the book, so head over to the discussion thread to ask yours by 7 June! We'll post answers to 15 of the best questions in mid-June.

You don't have to win a copy to take part in the discussion or ask Isy a question. Everyone is welcome to come and discuss the book. If you missed out on a free one, you can buy a copy.  

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