Non-fiction book of the month: Mad Girl - Bryony Gordon

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Mad Girl is journalist Bryony Gordon's bracingly honest memoir of a life ruled by OCD, told with humour, dignity and determination.

Bryony's writing will be familiar to anyone who follows her weekly columns in The Telegraph. Mad Girl proves that her prose is just as readable when she's addressing more serious issues as it is when she talks about navigating modern life as a twenty-something. As she lurches between hilarious anecdotes and gut-wrenchingly sombre truths to recount her lifelong battle with OCD, depression, addiction and bulimia, she uses her platform to demonstrate that mental illness can affect anyone, at any time.

Mad Girl offers a hopeful and optimistic insight into the mental health conditions still frustratingly steeped in stigma.  

What the critics said

"Gordon comes over as sharp, and often charming. Her story is a potential lifeline for others in her position who might be suffering in silence." – Guardian

"What a book! I read this like a thriller, I was so gripped. I feel comforted by this book; by the honesty, insight, compassion, and the beautiful writing. Mad Girl is going to be seismic." – Marian Keyes

"Funny, warm and fearlessly honest. This book is a must for anyone who's ever lost their mind but was too polite to mention it." – Sali Hughes

About the author

In the 15 years that she has worked for The Telegraph, Bryony Gordon has become one of the paper's best loved writers. Her weekly column in the Sunday Telegraph has won her an army of fans who have followed her journey from single girl about town to - finally! - settled mum. Bryony is now 35 and lives in Nappy Valley (Clapham) with her baby daughter Edie and her husband, a financial journalist. The last sentence is one she never thought she would see written down on paper.

Take a look at Bryony's website, Mental Health Mates, and find her on Twitter.

Book giveaway

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This giveaway closes 8 August

You don't have to win a copy to take part in the discussion - everyone is welcome to come and talk about the book.  If you're not lucky enough to bag one, you can always buy a copy here.

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