Book competition: The Wolf Who Cried Boy! 


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Allow us to introduce you to the one of the most strikingly brilliant books of the Autumn term - The Wolf Who Cried Boy, a stunning picture book debut from BBC sitcom writer James O'Neill and upcoming illustrator Russell Ayto. 

Challenging, creative, beautifully designed and genuinely funny, this is a story about a friendship against all odds, the power of childhood play and overcoming community prejudice. Boy and Wolf are two young heroes from opposing towns, who, despite warnings from their elders, strike up an unlikely friendship - because when it's them against the world, what is gained by going against each other? Turning a classic fable on its head, this book is filled with bold humour and bright illustrations, making it the perfect story to enjoy at any time of day.

Book competition 

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Competition closing date: 6 October 2016









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