Book giveaway: Master of Shadows

Master of Shadows is the first historical adventure by author and TV presenter Neil Oliver. Set in the fifteenth century, from the lawless borderlands of Scotland to the crumbling majesty of Constantinople, this is a must for fans of Diana Gabaldon and epic page-turners.
Three fates intertwine behind the walls of Constantinople as an army gathers before the city; Scotsman John Grant searches for a girl he made a death-bed promise to find; runaway Lena seeks salvation in the ancient city, and Prince Constantine lives out the consequences of saving the life of a broken-hearted girl...

As the Siege of Constantinople reaches its climax, these three must make a choice between head and heart, duty and destiny in an adventure that will echo through the ages.

About the Author

Neil Oliver is a Scottish archaeologist, historian, broadcaster and writer who has become widely known as the presenter of BBC's flagship series A History of Scotland.

Before that, his distinctive style was much in evidence as the charismatic presenter of the award-winning multi-part documentary series Coast and the author of the tie-in book.
His archaeological training at Glasgow University was put to good use in BBC's series Two Men in a Trench where he visited historic British battlefields and attempted to recreate the events of each battle. He co-wrote the two accompanying books. He has also presented the BBC series A History of Ancient Britain, Vikings, The Last Explorers and Sacred Wonders of Britain, as well as Coast Australia. 

He lives in Stirling with his wife and three children. You can follow him on twitter @NEIL_OLIVER_

Book giveaway

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