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Book giveaway: The Girls from Corona del Mar by Rufi Thorpe

A fiercely beautiful novel about friendship and the ties that bind us



Mia and Lorrie Ann are lifelong friends: hard-hearted Mia and untouchably beautiful, goddess-like Lorrie Ann. While Mia struggles with a mother who drinks, a pregnancy at fifteen, and younger brothers she loves but can't quite be good to, Lorrie Ann is luminous, surrounded by her close-knit family, immune to the mistakes that mar her best friend's life. Until a sudden loss catapults Lorrie Ann into tragedy: things fall apart, and then fall apart further – and there is nothing Mia can do to help. And as good, kind, brave Lorrie Ann stops being so good, Mia begins to question just who this woman is and what that question means about them both.

A staggeringly arresting, honest novel of love, motherhood, loyalty, and the myth of the perfect friendship that moves us to ask ourselves just how well we know those we love, what we owe our children, and who we are without our friends.

The Girls from Corona Del Mar is one of WH Smith Travel's Fresh Talent picks and is also part of Waterstones' Book Club this month. It's an essential summer read which should be on everyone's bucket list.

Join in the conversation on Twitter #GirlsFrom where you can share a photo of you and your best friend to win more bookish treats. Click here to find out more. 

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'A fantastic portrayal of female friendship, loyalty and that special deep connection that only friends know.' Psychologies

'I ached as if it were my own best friend whose life was unravelling before me.' Vannessa Diffenbaugh, Author of The Language of Flowers 

'Engrossing, generous, soulful.' Maggie Shipstead, Author of Astonish Me

'Thorpe deftly uses the girls' diverging life paths to explore not just themes of female friendship, but also obstetrical malpractice, the complicated and sometimes dark rights and responsibilities of motherhood, and the power of Sumerian poetry.'  The Huffington Post


Rufi_ThomasAbout the Author

Rufi Thorpe received her MFA from the University of Virginia in 2009. Currently, she lives in Washington, DC with her husband and son. The Girls from Corona del Mar is her first novel.




Book giveaway

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