Book giveaway: Too Close to Home by Susan Lewis

Too Close to Home
Sometimes the truth lies closer than you think. Too Close to Home is the compelling and heart-rending new novel from the Sunday Times top ten bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, Susan Lewis.

Jenna and Jack Moore have moved their family to Wales for a fresh start. For vivacious, happy-go-lucky 15-year-old Paige the future is full of promise. 

But suddenly everything changes. Paige becomes more and more withdrawn. The closeness she once shared with her mother is a distant memory. It then becomes clear that Jack has secrets too. Preoccupied with her younger children, her husband's fidelity and their fledgling publishing company, Jenna doesn't realise the extent of her eldest daughter's unhappiness until the unthinkable happens.

And the nightmare is only just beginning...    

About the Author
Susan Lewis
Susan was born in 1956, in Bristol.  She was just nine years old when her mother died of cancer, as her father couldn't bring her up alone she was sent off to boarding school. At 22 Susan moved to London and began to work for Thames TV. It was her love of drama, combined with a fierce ambition, that got her knocking on the Controller's door to ask what steps to take to become a producer. 'Oh, go away and write something', came the reply.  So she did, today she is a bestselling author of 35 novels.

To find out more about Susan's story click here or have a read of her moving memoirs Just One More Day and One Day at a Time. Connect with Susan online, follow her on Facebook and Twitter or sign up to her newsletter.

More titles by Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis' stories focus on the fictional lives of characters who face very real challenges and address issues that affect us all. Susan has also written two memoirs Just One More Day and One Day at a Time which give an account of her childhood in Bristol. Discover the whole collection, visit for a full list of Susan's books.

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