Book giveaway: The Kelly Sisters by Maureen Lee

It's 1925 and Patricia, Tara and Aideen couldn't be more excited about leaving Dublin with their father and heading for a new life in Liverpool, but it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

The day after they arrive in England, Danny hastily sweeps the girls onto a huge ocean liner heading to New York, leaving no forwarding address. When their father vanishes mid-way across the Atlantic, the grieving sisters prepare themselves for a new life in the big city, far from home, friends and family. But whatever their father was running from has every chance of catching up with the girls, unless they do their very best to build new lives in New York...

To celebrate the release of Maureen Lee's new book, we're giving away 50 copies of The Kelly Sisters, apply now for a chance to win.

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About the Author  

Maureen Lee was born in Bootle during the Second World War and now lives in Colchester, Essex.  Her first book, Stepping Stones, was published in 1994 by Orion. Since then she has written over 20 novels and sold over 1.5 million copies in the UK alone. Maureen is a frequent Sunday Times bestseller in both hardback and paperback, delighting millions of readers. Her powerful stories and compelling narrative make her the queen of the saga. Visit her website to find out more.

Book giveaway 

We're giving away 50 copies of The Kelly Sisters. Fill in the form below to apply for a free copy. Don't forget, if you receive a free copy of this book, we kindly post your thoughts on the discussion thread or write a review here. 

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