Book giveaway: The Teenage Brain by Dr Frances E. Jensen

The Teenage Brain

We used to think that erratic teenage behaviour was due to a sudden surge in hormones, but modern neuroscience shows us that this isn't true. 

The Teenage Brain is a journey through new discoveries which show us exactly what happens to the brain during this critical period, and how the experiences of our teenage years are what shape our attitudes, and often happiness, in later life. 

Employing rigorous use of scientific data, Jensen's central argument is that the teen brain isn't, as she herself presumed, "an adult brain with less miles on it". The teenage years encompass vitally important states of brain development, full of unique vulnerabilities and exceptional strengths. 

Jensen began writing this book after going through her own challenging and confusing experiences with her own two sons. She explains that teens are not an "alien species"; rather, they are a misunderstood one. "If the human brain is very much a puzzle, then the teenage brain is a puzzle awaiting completion." 

While the plasticity of the teenage brain makes it a great time to invest in it educationally, late-developing frontal lobes lead to the infamous teenage mood swings, impulsiveness and lack of judgment. Jensen likens the teenager to a "primed and pumped" Ferrari that has yet to be road-tested – their bodies are capable of adult things before their brains are. Elsewhere, Jensen covers topics as diverse as risk-taking, gaming, bullying and social media to gender, stress, severe mental illness, food disorders and suicide. 

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About the Author 

Frances E. Jenson

Frances Jensen M.D. is a mother of two boys and Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Senior Associate in Neurology at Children’s Hospital Boston. She is an internationally-known expert in neurology and the teenage brain. She directs a host of public and privately funded clinical research projects, and consults both for the media and the government on matters of adolescent neurology. This is her first book.




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