E- Book giveaway: More Than Enough by Liza Hoeksma

More Than Enough


Katie is pregnant. Again. She loves being a mum but having three kids under the age of three may be more than she can handle.

Thankfully her marriage is solid enough to withstand the blast. Or is it? With husband Anthony working long hours and Katie fearful of letting him see she's struggling to cope, could someone else become a shoulder to cry on? What line does a seemingly innocent friendship have to cross to jeopardise a family's future?

Meanwhile Katie's sister Amy has problems of her own. Her 20s are fast disappearing with no sign of romance when along comes Charlie, an up and coming actor. Amy is smitten by Charlie (not to mention the world of celebrity he draws her into) and he seems to be falling head over heels too. But as Charlie's star rises their relationship begins to change and Amy must work out if they want the same things. Will Charlie prove to be her perfect match?  


Liza Hoeksma

About the Author

Liza worked in Public Relations until voluntary redundancy provided the perfect opportunity to change direction and start writing. Having written a number of non-fiction books, More Than Enough is her first novel.

She lives in Hertfordshire, works part-time for a charity, can easily lose hours on Pinterest and spends much of her life helping people spell and pronounce her Dutch surname (think Hook-smar). Follow her on Twitter to find out more. 


E-Book giveaway

We're giving away 50 copies of More Than Enough - these will be made available to download on any e-reader device. If you don’t have an e-reader you can still read this book by downloading free apps such as the Amazon Kindle Reading app that allows you to read Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
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