Book Giveaway: Nowhere to Go by Casey Watson

Nowhere to Go

Bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson shares the shocking true story of Tyler, an abused eleven-year-old who, after stabbing his stepmother, had nowhere else to go.

Knowing a little of Tyler's past, Casey feels bound to do her best for him. His biological mother, a heroin addict, died of an overdose when he was three and ever since, Tyler had continuously lashed out, even trying to attack Casey herself.

Investigation into his earlier childhood reveals why he acts out: after being forced to watch his mother die, he was found emaciated and traumatised two days later, then delivered to a father who didn’t want him and a stepmother who beat him.

With the horrific events of his past now vividly affecting the course of his present, Casey and her husband Mike are determined to veer him away from the violence and drugs they fear he will come to depend on.

Heartbreaking and profoundly moving, Nowhere to Go tells the story of a child forsaken by his family, but fought for by his foster carers.


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About the author

Casey Watson, who writes under a pseudonym, is a specialist foster carer. She and her husband, Mike, look after children who are particularly troubled or damaged by their past.

Before becoming a foster carer Casey was a behaviour manager for her local comprehensive school. It was through working with these 'difficult' children – removed from mainstream classes for various reasons – that the idea for her future career was born. Casey is married with two children and three grandchildren. To find out more visit her website or follow Casey on Twitter


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