Hector Trogg's Perfect World by Paul Booth

Hector Troggs Perfect WorldWhen Hector receives an inheritance, his daydreams become a reality - but this impulsive boy causes more damage and destruction than the assassins that now pursue him, and his annoying sister often turns out to be the hero.

Packed with accident and adventure, this hilarious story about a schoolboy who daydreams of aerial dogfights and tank battles is great for pre-teens and teenagers.


Praise for Hector Trogg's Perfect World

'Hilarious story ... so much fun to read.' Charlie Kravetz

'It is the best book I've ever read.' Sam Leckie (aged 12)

'Gripping and very funny ... one of the funniest stories I have listened to, ever!' Richard Winterbourne

'A unique book ... a wonderful narrator ... well-written, engaging and willing to tackle hard subjects.' Mati Raine

'A wonderful sense of humour... provided a much-needed break from the building tension.' Astilbe

'Chock full of action and adventure...I bet almost every young boy in the world would enjoy this book.' Steven Brandt 

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About the author

Paul Booth

Paul Booth started writing stories for his children, and was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. For the past sixteen years Paul has run a small company and played squash. He also quite likes cars. He continues to write books for fun, and his stories are thankfully better than his squash. 

Paul lives in Lincolnshire with his partner Jenny, their two children, two labrador dogs who believe they are starving to death, and a deluded cat who is convinced he is a lion. Click here to find out more.




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