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Life Stinks! (Knightmare)Cedric Thatchbottom can't wait to train as a squire, serving Sir Percy the Proud – a knight famed throughout the land for his glorious deeds. But this famous knight isn't all he appears to be and Cedric soon finds himself being run ragged around Castle Bombast by his new master.

In the first book in the Knightmare series, Roland the Rotten has challenged Percy the Proud to a duel. But the famous knight refuses to take part because he's lost his lucky underpants. It turns out that Percy is lying to avoid the fight. With his new master's reputation at stake, Cedric finds himself stepping up to the challenge…

A hilarious new series following the misadventures of a trainee knight written by Peter Bently, winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Packed with comical characters, battles, puns and poo, these books are irresistible to children aged six to eight years.


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About the author 

Peter Bently


Peter Bently went to ten different schools around the world and studied languages at Oxford University. He started writing for children soon after becoming a parent and now lives with his wife, Lucy, and children, Theo and Tara, in Devon (which has its very own excellent medieval castle). Visit Peter's website or follow him on Twitter @PeterBently.



About the illustrator

Fred Blunt never wanted to be an astronaut or drive a train when he grew up. Right from the beginning he knew he wanted to draw silly pictures for a living… and some decades later, he's living the dream! Fred has worked on all manner of projects, including editorial, advertising and designing animations for the BBC. He now works mostly in children's books. Visit Fred's website or follow him on Twitter @FredBlunt



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