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Mouse and theCossacks'The first thing you have to know about me is that I have no voice...'

Mouse de Bruin doesn't talk. She hasn't for years. So she's happy to move to a remote farmhouse with her mother. They don't have to see or speak to anyone at all. And that's how Mouse likes it.

But her ears and eyes work perfectly well, and Mouse can sense that the old man whose house they're renting, William Crosby, has a story worth uncovering. Spending her days trying to unravel the clues he left behind, Mouse discovers his long-ago involvement with a group of Cossack exiles as a young army officer at the end of the Second World War.

Together, William's irascibility and Mouse's curiosity draw the reader into the secrets both of them feel haunted by. But why, as Mouse begins to untangle William's past, is she so keen to eliminate all traces of her own former life? This is the story of two people – one setting out in life, the other nearing its end – and the legacy that can sometimes be left by mistakes, poor judgments and betrayals.

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'Could this be a Lancashire Garcia Márquez with a warm, sing-song accent?' Literary Review

About the author

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson's novels include The Visiting Angel, Noah, Noah and Someone to Watch Over Me. He lives in Lancashire and is a consultant in care management.

In 1997 he won the Portico Prize for Literature for Do Whales Sing at the End of the World? He is available for print and broadcast interview, festivals and talks, and features writing.


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