Nearest Thing to Crazy

Nearest Thing to Crazy"It was all so fuzzy, because it wasn't really Dan who'd given me reason to distrust him- it was her, Ellie."

Dan and a group of his friends enjoy a Sunday lunch together on a perfect summer's day. They're pleased to welcome their glamorous new neighbour, novelist Ellie, who has rented a house in the village to work on her book. She likes to place herself in the centre of her plots, she says, although it's hard to see what she'll find to write about in a quiet country backwater.

As Ellie slots effortlessly into the village social scene, Dan's wife begins to feel increasingly alienated from her friends and isolated from her family, but, for the life of her, she can't fathom why...

Nearest Thing to Crazy takes the reader on a tense and compelling journey, depicting just how terrifyingly easy it can be to distort someone's reality, as well as how effectively one can manipulate the power balance of relationships.


What the reviewers say

  • "A wonderfully observed tale. Clever, compelling and utterly captivating." Caroline Smailes, author of The Drowning of Arthur Braxton.
  • "Filled with a cast of intriguing characters who live and breathe on the pages. I loved it." Amanda Jennings, author of Sworn Secret.


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About the author

Elizabeth Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes lives with her husband in Herefordshire near the Welsh Border. She has two grown-up children who occasionally bring their washing home. She is supported in her writing day by two Jack Russells called Squirt and Stumpy and a cocker spaniel called Scooter.

She also has an Indian Runner duck called Percy, his two Khaki Campbell wives (as yet unnamed) and four hens who did have names but as they never answered to them they've now been forgotten.

Elizabeth studied for a BA in Literature with the Open University, and graduated in 2010 with First Class Honours. She also holds an Open University Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing. When not working, Elizabeth Forbes can be found procrastinating on Twitter where you can also follow her @lizzieforbes.


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