Vitello lives in a terraced house by a ring road with his mum, where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. The series of scrapes he manages to fall in and out of make for great adventures and an exciting new series for children 5+. Enter the giveaway for the chance to receive one of five titles.

"Full of quirky humour and an anarchic sense of fun that children will love." Booktrust


Vitello Becomes a BusinessmanVitello Becomes a Businessman

Vitello sets out to make a million pounds with the help of his friends Max and Harry, and the little squirt William. But what are the four businessmen going to sell? And does Vitello have a nose for business or just for trouble?

Vitello lives in a terraced house by a ring road with his mum, where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. He's had other adventures and got into other scrapes too.




Vitello Gets a Yucky GirlfriendVitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend

A new family moves in near Vitello, only they don't have a cool boy for him to play with, just a yucky girl. And it won't be fun to play with a yucky girl and her crazy hamster. Definitely not.




Vitello Scratches a Car

Vitello and his mum have a new car. Well, nearly new, anyway.

And mostly Mum's. But the important thing is that it mustn't get scratched, not if Vitello doesn't want to be grounded, or sent to the children's home, or worse...





Vitello Wants a Dad

Vitello's dad is a good-for-nothing and he never gets to see him. So what he needs is to find a decent dad, just to show off to his friends.

But where will he find a dad to borrow?




Vitello Carries a KnifeVitello Carries a Knife

Vitello wants to be a tough guy, and with his mum's butter knife tucked in his belt he plans to be rude to everyone and not scared of anything. Particularly not stupid dogs...






Reviews about the Vitello series

"Cool characters and some great, quirky illustrations help to make this new series incredibly appealing for boys" The Sun

"These books are a perfect bridge between traditional picture books and un-illustrated texts. Try them on any boys who think they don't like reading." Adèle Geras, Guardian

Kim Fupz AakesonAbout the author 

Kim Fupz Aakeson is known for his quirky, honest, humorous, and wonderful picture books and biting young adult fiction.

He has written more than 80 books for children and adults and won numerous awards. He is also known for being a prolific screenwriter.


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