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A Year of Doing GoodTired of doomed-to-failure New Year's resolutions involving diets and exercise, Judith O'Reilly resolved to spend a year doing good, specifically one good deed each day.

Juggling family, friends and a variety of neighbours in the small Northumberland village she calls home (introduced in her previous bestseller, Wife in the North), she recounts the ups, downs, moments of doubt and sheer bloody hard work of doing good.

Along the way she establishes her own charity - the Jam Jar Army, aimed at raising money for causes in Northumberland - and sets herself the task of raising £10,000.

A year of saintly behaviour convinces Judith that no good deed is too small and that being good makes you happy. Well, most of the time.

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Judith O'ReillyThe Author:

Judith O'Reilly is a writer and journalist. Her first book Wife in the North was based on her blog of the same name and was a bestseller. Her second book, a novel, is living in a drawer. Her third book is this one. She is married with three children, and for one year she tried to be good.

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