Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Feb 2013 book of the month

Gone GirlWhat is your most memorable whoa-I-didn't-expect-that moment? The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects finale? That naked bit in The Crying Game? Or maybe the midway point in Sarah Waters' Fingersmith? Our February book of the month is about to take its place in the pantheon of all-time greatest plot twisters.

Gone Girl is narrated in alternate chapters by Nick and Amy, a hip, ostensibly happily married couple with a wealth of talent and good looks. On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, with presents waiting and the annual treasure hunt ready to begin, Amy has disappeared. The police arrive, the media seizes hungrily on the story and Nick soon finds himself the main suspect.

As his secrets and lies begin to pile up, so too do those of his marriage, and those of his unremittingly perfect wife. How well do they really know each other, and how did they get to this point? The riddles and enigmas come at you faster than machine gun fire, with equally snappy writing.

Like Hitchcock or Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn makes you squirm with horror yet keeps you riveted. The intelligence and intricacy of her style takes this noirish thriller to a higher level: both a fabulous piece of crime fiction and a darkly witty portrait of relationships, psychopathy and psychology.

Already a phenomenal bestseller, Gone Girl is on its way to cult status. As Kate Atkinson said: "I have no doubt that in a year's time I'm going to be saying that this is my favorite novel of 2012. Brilliant."

About Gillian Flynn

Gillian FlynnGillian Flynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She worked for Entertainment Weekly in New York for 10 years before publishing her first novel, Sharp Objects. It won two Crime Writers Association Daggers. Her second novel, Dark Places, was a New York Times bestseller. She lives in Chicago with her husband, her son and a giant black cat called Roy.

You can find a more detailed, and amusing, biography of Gillian her brilliant website, which has a great essay entitled I Was Not a Nice Little Girl, as well as reviews and details of her previous books.


Book club discussion: Tues 26 Feb, 9-10pm

We are thrilled that Gillian will be answering questions about Gone Girl, and her writing career, on Tuesday 26 February, 9-10pm. Please feel free to discuss the book throughout the month (without giving the plot away, please), and then come and join in the author chat on Tuesday 26 Feb. Buy Gone Girl in paperback or Kindle and join February's book club discussion.


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