The German Boy

TheGermanBoyIn 1947, Elisabeth Mander's German nephew comes to stay: Stefan Landau, her dead sister's teenage son, whom she hates and loves before she's even set eyes on him. Orphaned by the war and traumatised by the last, vicious battles of the Hitler Youth, Stefan brings with him to England only a few meagre possessions. Among them a portrait of a girl with long copper hair by a young painter called Michael Ross - and with it the memory, both painful and precious, of her life and that time between the wars.

Spanning decades and generations, The German Boy tells the moving story of two families entangled by love and friendship, divided by prejudice and war, and of a brief encounter between a woman and a man that touched each of their lives forever. 


The Author:

Patricia Wastvedt was born in London in 1954 and lives in South England. She is the author of The River, which was long-listed for the Orange Prize. This is her second novel. The German Boy was inspired by the author's discovery that her mother had a pen-pal in the Hitler Youth.



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