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With My Body

With my bodyThe wife of an overworked GP, comfortably settled in the Cotswolds with three sons, is contemplating middle age along with all the constraints of motherhood. Once a high-flying lawyer, she sacrificed her career for her family. But the overwhelming domesticity of her life leaves her feeling numb and locked into an unending cycle of school runs, laundry and meal times. Her husband, whom she loves, has never touched the core of her. She has lost completely the key to her identity.

A chance encounter with another young mother provokes memories of her youth in Australia, and her first love. How in the middle of the bush, in a house hidden from view she met Tol, a lonely writer. While outwardly so different, both were collectors of experience. Driven by mutual attraction, they consented to explore their deepest desires together. Their experiment in honesty grew into a relationship built on love. But when Tol suddenly vanished, he left behind a young woman confused by an experience beyond her years. As an adult, reconciling with the woman she once was is an erotic journey into the past and an exploration of a newly awakened passion. 

With My Body is the follow-up to Nikki Gemmell's international bestseller The Bride Stripped Bare, which was originally published anonymously to huge acclaim in 2003. With My Body confirms Nikki's reputation as the original voice of modern erotic fiction and as the author who dares to spell out what women really want.

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Nikki GemmellThe Author:

Nikki Gemmell's unmasking as the anonymous author of The Bride Stripped Bare sparked unprecedented media interest in the book, which has gone on to sell well over 100,000 copies in the UK alone. She is the author of seven novels, including Cleave, Lovesong and The Book of Rapture, as well as her most recent, With My Body. She has written for the Daily Mail and the Australian. Nikki currently lives in Australia.




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