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Home FrontCould you leave your children to fight in a war?

From a distance, lawyer Michael and homemaker – and ex-fighter pilot - Jolene Zarkades seem to have it all: a solid, dependable marriage, a beautiful house and children they adore. But after twelve blissful years together, the couple have lost their way. They are unhappy and edging toward divorce. When Michael comes home from work and tells Jolene he doesn't love her anymore, he doesn't expect that the very next day she'll receive a summons, calling her up to fight in Iraq.

The unexpected deployment tears their already fragile family apart, sending Jolene deep into harm's way and leaving Michael at home, caring for the children and waiting for news. How will their twelve-year-old, on the verge of adulthood and navigating the vicious, everyday challenges of high school cope? What will happen to the baby of the family, aged four, without her mother at home for her birthday?

Jolene's best friend, Tami, is a fellow pilot, and fellow mother. But can they keep each other sane – and safe – in such a dangerous environment. When the worst happens, everyone must face their darkest fear, and fight for the future of their family.

Home Front is an intimate look at the inner landscape of a marriage, and a dramatic exploration of the price of war. At it's heart is an ordinary family, pushed by one woman's decisions into an extraordinary situation. It's a timely portrait of hope, courage, loss and forgiveness – and the elusive nature of love.

Kristin HannahThe Author:

Kristin Hannah is the New York Times bestselling author of nineteen novels. She is a former lawyer turned writer and has one son. She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, and Hawaii. Her novel Night Road, was a UK bestseller and one of eight books selected for the 2011 TV Book Club Summer Read Set.

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