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The GlovemakerLondon. 1649. Charles I has been beheaded. Cromwell's army is running the country. And a law has been passed stating that any unmarried woman who conceals the death of her child is guilty of murder. For Rachel Lockyer, it is the year that will change her life. With her married lover William Walwyn imprisoned in the Tower, she must survive alone in a city overrun with religious fervour.

When a dead infant is found buried behind the Smithfield slaughterhouse, all fingers point to her. And even though no one is certain that she was actually pregnant, Rachel is arrested. Through the investigation and trial, Rachel remains silent. But the time will come when she must speak up, and confront the truth of what really happened.

Set in the taverns, prisons and streets of Puritan London, this is a haunting tale of love, heartbreak and the miracles that can happen in even the darkest times.

"This is historical fiction at its best - it is absolutely steeped in atmosphere, and so vividly recreates the interregnum era that I felt as though I'd been transported there. Stacia's prose has a beautiful originality; and her characters come alive with authenticity and humanity. They are loveable and infuriating by turns, but the reader always believes in them, and invests hopes and fears with them. The story kept me gripped from the very first page; by turns desperately sad, funny and heart warming. I have genuinely enjoyed this book far more than anything else I have read for several months. I loved it!"  Katherine Webb, author of The Legacy and The Unseen

Stacia Brown

The Author: 
Stacia Brown is a new and exciting voice in historical fiction and The Glovemaker is perfect for fans of Katherine McMahon. Heartbreaking and atmospheric, with unforgettable characters, it is a must for reading groups.

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