The Story of Beautiful Girl book giveaway

The Story of Beautiful Girl

On a stormy night in small-town America, a couple, desperate and soaked to the skin, knock on a stranger's door. When Martha, a retired schoolteacher, answers their knock, her world changes for ever.

Her visitors are Lynnie and Homan, who have fled The School for the Incurable and Feebleminded with their newborn baby. But the police are closing in and their freedom is about to be snatched away. Moments before she is taken back to the School, bound and tied, Lynnie utters two words to Martha: 'Hide her.' And so begins the heart-rending story of Lynnie, Homan, Martha and baby Julia - lives divided by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but drawn together by a secret pact and extraordinary love.

From the author:

"A few years ago, I wrote a memoir about my close relationship with my sister, who has a developmental disability. The book, Riding the Bus with My Sister, led to speaking engagements across the country.

Rachel SimonOn one of those trips, I came across a book that told the true story of a deaf, African American teenager found wandering the streets of Illinois in 1945. No one could identify him because no one understood his sign language. A judge declared him 'feebleminded' and sent him to an institution, where he remained until he died fifty years later.

The man they called John Doe Number 24 haunted me for years. Then one day I sat down, and The Story of Beautiful Girl burst out of me like nothing I've written before." Rachel Simon
Unfortunately all the giveaway books have now gone. You can purchase a copy of The Story of Beautiful Girl here.



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