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Half a Wife book giveaway

Half a Wife

For most families, it remains the ultimate dilemma: how to balance a happy, healthy family life with the demands and rewards of work. When Gaby Hinsliff realised that she couldn't continue to work 60-hour weeks as a political editor of a national newspaper, spend time with her child and expect to stay happily married, there was only one solution. She quit, and decided to start again from scratch.

Half a Wife tells the story of that leap into the dark and proposes positive, practical solutions for piecing together what at times can seem like an impossible jigsaw.

A book for men and women, for mothers and fathers, it encourages working parents to rethink traditional set-ups – at home, at work, in relationships – and explores alternative and imaginative changes the government and employers could make. Hinsliff introduces the concept of 'half a wife': the role that is necessary to the smooth running of house and family, and the great mistake couples often make in assuming that 'wife' equals woman.

Gaby HinsliffThe author:

Gaby Hinsliff started her career in 1994 as a reporter on the Grimsby Evening Telegraph, and within a decade had worked her way up to being Political Editor of the Observer. In 2007, she took nine months off after the birth of her son before going back to her old full-time job, but two years later she finally decided she'd had enough of life getting lost in the rush. The piece she wrote about this in the Observer was a news sensation and prompted both her blog Used To Be Somebody and this book. She now lives and works - happily - with her husband and son in Oxfordshire.


Unfortunately all the giveaway books have now gone. You can purchase a copy of Half a Wife here.



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