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Couples: The Truth

We are constantly exposed to new and old advice about how to live, love and make a relationship work. But how do you separate the myths from the truths? In our world of unrivalled sexual independence, is it easier or harder to maintain a relationship?

Divorce, gay marriages, cohabiting, remarrying; we have never been better placed to construct the relationships of our choosing. But with this freedom comes the responsibility for making them work in reality, beyond the unrealistic expectations placed on love by popular culture.

In Couples, Kate Figes draws on history, the research of sociologist and psychologists as well as interviews with more than 120 people about their relationships. The findings are extraordinary and surprisingly encouraging. Written as a 'how' book rather than a 'how to', Kate Figes discovers that there is no singular recipe for love but there are many lessons to be learned from other people’s relationships and our own. At a time when cynicism and doom and gloom are at an unprecedented level, the good news is that most of us are doing much better than we give ourselves credit for…

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