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Bonnes Vacances

'The houses are painted all these lovely colours so people can see them through the fog,' I say brightly, as we negotiate swirling clouds of white, which have engulfed Lucien so comprehensively that all I can see is the top of his head. One could imagine getting lost in St Pierre for a very long time.


Rosie set out on a tour of the French Overseas Departments and Territories (the 'Dom-Toms') with her husband and four young children, partly to make a documentary series but also to show the children it is possible to survive 14 weeks without Hannah Montana and 24/7 internet access.. From Martinique to Réunion, crossing five continents, they eat stewed iguana, 400 croissants and – since the budget is small – copious amounts of Campbell’s soup. Candid, darkly humorous and slightly mad, cut with a dash of French history, this traveller’s tale offers insights, amusement and hope for anyone who has ever journeyed en famille.

The author:

Rosie Millard, is a well-known journalist across the spectrum of the British press and commentator on television and radio. She was arts correspondent for the BBC for ten years and regularly writes for The Sunday Times. She lives in central London with her TV producer husband Pip Clothier and their four children. Read her blog at


Unfortunately all the giveaway books have now gone. You can purchase a copy of Bonnes Vacances here.



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