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Itch is a normal 14-year-old boy. Well normal if you don't count that pesky passion for science that keeps landing him in explosive situations.

He singes his eyebrows when an experiment with phosphorous gets out of hand, and then half his class end up with radiation sickness when he smuggles arsenic into school. But that's nothing compared to the chaos that ensues when his tinkering with the Periodic table uncovers a completely unknown and potentially valuable new element. Suddenly Itch and his family are under siege from a barrage of shady characters who'll stop at nothing to get their hands on his new discovery.

A thrilling adventure begins as Itch is forced on a wild dash across the country - all the time getting sicker and sicker - knowing he must Simon Mayokeep everyone safe from his new element, no matter the cost. 


The author:

Simon Mayo is best known as the presenter of Radio 2's award-winning Drivetime show. He was inspired to write a novel by his son, a science nut and avid reader, and further encouraged by a news piece about a boy scout who built a neutron gun in his garden shed, which showed that ordinary kids can do extraordinary things. Simon's debut novel is published on March 1st. 

Join him for a webchat about Itch on Monday 27 February.

Unfortunately the free copies of Itch have all gone. You can buy the hardback here. 




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