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What's for dinner? giveaway

What's For Dinner?

"There are only a few things in my life that make me properly happy.

It has to be said that a new handbag can lift my spirits for a week or so, and obviously my children bring the usual surges of love that, in between nit combing and turning nagging into an Olympic sport, provide me with that warm glow of wellbeing.

However, the glue that sticks it all together, that turns a moment spent smiling into a memory for life is...food.

In this cookbook I'm passing on 100 no-fuss recipes from my kitchen to yours that make it easy to cook tasty, simple food that everyone will enjoy – you included. I've stuck to ingredients you can actually buy and store cupboard dishes you will use time and time again.

Let's get back in the kitchen, around the table and make some memories so you can get excited again when you hear a little voice in your head ask that daily question,

'What's for Dinner?'"

Fay Ripley

The Author:Fay Ripley

Fay Ripley is an actress and recipe author. After graduating from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1990, she appeared in pantomimes, films and television shows including the ITV series' Cold Feet and Mute Witness. Since 2009, Fay has authored two recipe books: Fay's Family Food and What's For Dinner?

The free copies of What's for dinner? have now gone, but you can buy a copy here.




Last updated: over 3 years ago