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Heft giveaway

HeftFormer academic Arthur Opp weighs 550 pounds and hasn't left his rambling Brooklyn home in a decade. Twenty miles away, in Yonkers, seventeen-year-old Kel Keller navigates life as the poor kid in a rich school and pins his hopes on what seems like a promising sporting career — if he can untangle himself from his family drama. The link between this unlikely pair is Kel's mother, Charlene, a former student of Arthur's. After nearly two decades of silence, it is Charlene's unexpected phone call to Arthur — a plea for help that jostles them into action.

Through Arthur and Kel's own quirky and lovable voices, Heft tells the winning story of two improbable heroes whose sudden connection transforms both their lives. It is a novel about love and family found in the most unexpected places.

Heft is a life-affirming novel about overcoming loneliness and finding love in the most unexpected of places.

"A stunningly sad and heroically hopeful tale... a beautiful novel about relationships of the makeshift kind, about bonds that go beyond the biological... It's also about how, sometimes, even the deepest wounds can be healed by the simplest, smallest acts of kindness." Oprah.com.

The Author:Liz Moore

Liz Moore is a writer, musician, and teacher. She wrote her debut novel, The Words of Every Song, while in college and released the album Backyards in 2007 before receiving her Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from Hunter College. Liz now works as an Assistant Professor of Writing at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. She published her second novel, Heft, in January 2012.

The free copies of Heft have now gone, but you can buy a copy here.


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