10 Christmas books to give you that festive feeling

This selection of festive fiction is the literary equivalent of roaring fires, mulled wine and carol singers at your door - perfect to read on your own or to share with the whole family

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The Dark is Rising: "A lovely, comforting big hug of a read."

"Oh, Dark is Rising for me too! Have read it every year at Christmas since I was about 12."

"If you're looking for wintry, you can't beat The Box of Delights (I always read it Christmas week) and I like The Dark is Rising for the wintriness as well."

The Box of Delights: "Ok it's kids fiction, but I read it every Christmas for 20 years until I was 30. May re-read it again this year actually."

"My partner reads it to me. We start early enough so we are reading the ending on Christmas Eve."


"I read A Christmas Carol every year and have done since I was a teen."

"Every year in December I read A Christmas Carol, which is lovely, and I will read it again this year (and every other year !) but I have to share it with my daughter this year. It's such a short story, it only takes a day or two to read. "

"Winter Solstice is my annual December read. It's so atmospheric; it always puts me in a Christmassy mood."

"I second Winter Solstice. It was recommended on Mumsnet last year. It really gets me into the Christmas spirit. Think I'll end up reading it at this time every year from now on."

"Always puts me in a Christmas mood. and makes me want to move to the highlands."


Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm: "It's a book of short stories, starting with a Christmas one. I always enjoy reading it during December."

"I love Christmas At Cold Comfort Farm and also the original Cold Comfort farm. Lovely cosy snuggly reading"

Jostein Gaarder's The Christmas Mystery: "The chapters unfold like an advent calendar so you follow one each day."

"'The Christmas Mystery' by Jostein Gaarder is GORGEOUS. 


"I love The Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley. Total fluff, but it really captures the mood. I want to be snowed in at a country house and eat lovely food and have the space for a giant real tree! I have Christmas envy..."

"Early December sees me digging out my copy of The Country Child by Alison Uttley for the richly evocative Christmas chapter. It  reminds me so strongly of how I felt at Christmas as a tiny child, even though I absolutely did not live on of an isolated farm in the middle of nowhere."


"Every year, I re-read my very battered copy of The Giant Under the Snow by John Gordon. It's wonderful. I'm now 50, but I've loved it since I was about 10."

"I have the hardback of Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas and love reading through it in the run-up to Christmas. What a lovely thing to have done for his children, and to have kept it up all those years! And quite poignant at times - apologising for a lack of presents while the war was on."

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