A Boy Made of Blocks - Keith Stuart

A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart

There's no better way to spend a cold winter evening than curled up with an uplifting book that will make your heart soar. We've selected A Boy Made of Blocks because, frankly, it's just that

About the book

The marriage of narrator Alex and his wife Jody is on the brink of collapse as they struggle to cope with the challenges of raising their seven-year-old son, Sam, who has autism. Moving out of the family home, Alex shirks his responsibilities and fails to see a way to break through and bond with his son. When they stumble across a game of Minecraft, they realise that this could be the potential bridge to building a new understanding and deeper relationship.

Author Keith Stuart draws on his own experiences of raising his autistic son for his debut novel which makes it a refreshingly honest read. He's created characters that you really do care about which makes the book both naturally funny and incredibly moving. As well as giving a brilliant insight into life with an autistic child, this story will resonate with anyone who has questioned whether they are truly qualified to take on the momentous task of being a parent. Get the kids to bed, the tissues out and a mug of hot choc and enjoy.

About the author

Keith Stuart author A Boy Made of Blocks

In 2012 one of Keith Stuart's two sons was diagnosed with autism. The ramifications felt huge. But then Keith and both boys started playing video games together – especially Minecraft. Keith had always played games and has been games editor for the Guardian for the last ten years. The powerful creative sharing as a family and the blossoming of communication that followed informed his debut novel.


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