5 reasons Judy Blume is a Mumsnet heroine

Are you there Judy? It's us, Mumsnet

We're THRILLED that Judy will be answering your questions in a live webchat on Monday 8 August, 9pm. If you weren't sold already, here are five reasons why you should join us... 

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1. She gave us real sex education

Forever and Deenie

Forever told us it's ok to like sex - and Deenie was the first time we heard that masturbation was even A Thing for girls.

"I credit Forever for teaching me that women could orgasm."

"Who could forget Forever? It was passed around my girl's school like contraband."

"Forever was passed around my school too. I bet I could still open it right up on the 'right page'."

"I wasn't allowed to read Judy Blume books. Therefore I read them hidden in the school library."

"Judy is responsible for the sexual awakening of a generation."


2. She made starting your period something to be a little bit excited about

The moment Margaret *finally* got her period in Are You There God? did more for menstruation than Bodyform ever could.

"Her books were beyond helpful for me. I learnt so much. Nobody in my house or school was going to discuss periods with me."

"I think that's how we all learned about periods at my school."


3. She perfectly reflected our anxiety about measuring up

We must, we must, we must increase our bust

And who could forget Margaret's DIY breast enhancement techniques?

"I LOVED Judy Blume. I learned everything I know about breasts from her books."

"I tried those I must, I must, increase my bust' excercises on a non-existent bust. It must have worked as I have mahoosive boobs now!"


4. She's just a bloody great writer

If you want to give your teen a completely immersive experience that isn't delivered via screen, give 'em one of Judy's classics - they're devoured, rather than read.

"I inhaled her books."

"I remember aged about 13 doing a 24-hour sponsored stay-awake and we kept ourselves from falling asleep by reading Forever to each other."

"Me and my best friend would read them at the same time and have looong discussions about them."

"Everyone in my class read Forever. Thirty 13-year-olds utterly, utterly mesmerised."


5. She's been there for us every step of the way

Judy Blume books

From the Fudge Books right through to her most recent (and last - sob) release In the Unlikely Event, for adults (and our July Book of the Month), there is almost no age group that hasn't benefited from Blume's words of wisdom.

"She is amazing. The way she wrote for me as a preteen (Blubber); the way she wrote for me as a teen (Tiger Eyes); the way she writes for me as an adult."

"I started on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and worked my way right through to Forever."

"Her books have accompanied me in my head since I read them. Blubber, about bullying, has stuck with me forever."

Webchat with Judy Blume:

We are honoured and delighted that Judy will be joining us to answer your questions about In the Unlikely Event, all her terrific novels and her exceptional writing career on Monday 8 August, 9-10pm. Please feel free to discuss the book throughout the month and then come and chat to Judy on the night, and ask her a question or simply tell her what you think of any of her work. Here is your chance to chat to a legendary literary figure, so please do come along, whichever book you've read at whatever age… 

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