5 books that will change your life

From parenting teens and toddlers to tidying your house and losing weight: here are the five books that Mumsnetters have vouched will change your life for the better

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How to Talk So Kids Will Listen - Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

For when you and your children seem to be speaking different languages 

"I bow to no one in my love for How to Talk So Kids Will Listen. It has transformed communication in our house."

"This is the only book that I've read (and I've read most of them) that I can wholeheartedly recommend as having turned around my son's behaviour, or more to the point, allowed me to be with him in such a way as to bring out the best in him...it ROCKS! Absolute gold."

"Real life-changing stuff. It's like learning a new language, but so worth it."

The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet - Dr Michael Mosley

For a new way of eating and living

"It's the first time I've lost lots of weight in years. I'd pretty much given up on diets and thought it was never going to happen for me."

"Get Michael Moseley's Blood Sugar Diet. So far I've done four days and have already lost loads."

A Volcano In My Tummy - Elaine Whitehouse & Warwick Pudney

For when your child's anger and frustration is affecting the whole family

"A Volcano In My Tummy is a very good book. It has discussion points and worksheets. It did take a long time but my son is 100% better, and I am learning to relax and not have to helicopter so much to avert disasters."

"Thumbs up for A Volcano In My Tummy. Excellent workbook."

Get Out of My Life... - Tony Wolf & Suzanne Franks

For when you hit the teenage years and suddenly everything you thought you knew is wrong

"This book saved my sanity when mine were teenagers. Worth every penny."

"The best parenting book for teens I've read. I read it from cover to cover in one day - it was a lifeline!"

"Read this book. It will all become clear."

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying - Marie Kondo

The ultimate life-changer. For when your whole life needs to be sorted out and tidied up

"It WILL change your life. I can't recommend it enough."

"This is going to sound silly, but working through bit by bit makes me feel I cando other things in my life too. I can't really explain it - it's not like I have had a sudden surge of confidence or anything like that - but I do feel able to say to myself 'Perhaps I can eat more healthily and perhaps I can look after myself more'. I don't know why it's having this effect."

"Re-establishing control over my space and my life and my weight seem to be all interconnected in some strange way."

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